CE Tracking

CE Tracking for Accounting & Law Industries (CEDW)

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Continuing education compliance management that works seamlessly with the activity history in your Checkpoint Learning account to give a detailed picture of compliance status for over 120 licensing and certification requirements in the accounting and legal industries, including state CPE and MCLE requirements, PCAOB, Yellow Book, CFE, CFP, CISA, CIRA, IRS Enrolled Agents, CTEC and a number of other certifications. Features include:

  • Automatic determination of compliance periods

  • Tracking all credit categories

  • Automatic determination of prorated credit requirements for abbreviated compliance periods

  • Tracking special requirements for new licensees

  • Enforcement of limits/prohibitions on credits earned through various formats of continuing education

  • Automatic calculation of carryover credits

  • Tracking of simultaneous compliance periods

  • Automatic credit adjustments for compliance period extensions

  • Notification of rule updates and changes

  • Monthly email reminders to keep you informed of your continuing education compliance status

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