In-House Training

Checkpoint Learning offers in-house training from a library of more than 50 seminar titles on accounting and auditing, management, staff training, tax and Yellow Book topics. Or, build your own training day unique to your organization’s needs. Choose from two- and four-hour course modules to custom design a learning program. Our highly rated instructors will come to your location, or opt to lead training yourself with the purchase of materials-only formats. Content is current, relevant, and continually revised.

Our AuditWatch product line provides in-house and customized training for audit, tax, and yellow book staff. Our University programs offer integrated curriculum for staff at all levels. AuditWatch offerings also include materials-only format options, consulting, data services, customized course development and custom webinars.

View our current CPE Catalog (PDF) Firms and Organizations Catalog: CPE and Training, including On-Site, Custom, and Group Solutions

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  View our Catalog (PDF) In-House Training Planner: On-Site Customized Seminars and other In-House Training Solutions

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