Complete CPE Management

Helping you stay on top of your CPE compliance and tracking

Checkpoint Learning manages continuing education compliance, including:

  • Determining compliance periods and managing simultaneous compliance periods
  • Tracking all credit categories, including prorated credit requirements
  • Enforcing limits on CPE format types
  • Calculating carryover credit
  • Managing adjustments for reporting period extensions
  • Tracking special requirements for new licensees


  • Every state in the United States (including Puerto Rico)
  • Yellow Book
  • IRS Enrolled Agents
  • AICPA members
  • CMA, CFP, and CIA
  • More than a dozen additional tax and accounting affiliations

In addition, our staff ensures the accuracy of Checkpoint Learning through monthly rule updates that are automatically integrated into the tracking system. Checkpoint Learning's tracking system is programmed with the CPE rules for individuals of every state in the United States (including Puerto Rico). In addition, we track requirements for Yellow Book; IRS Enrolled Agents; AICPA members; CMA, CFP, and CIA; and more! CPE requirement information on more than a dozen specialty tax and accounting affiliations is available.

Your firm can even create an in-firm CPE requirement to track minimum education requirements established by firm management or mandated by peer review standards. Checkpoint Learning also maintains complete and updated rule summaries for every regulator it tracks on its Resource page so that administrators can easily answer employees' questions about continuing education compliance. Learning administrators are provided with an administrative view into all firm personnel records so that CPE compliance can be quickly confirmed. Checkpoint Learning can be configured to send employees regular email reminders informing them of their continuing education status.


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