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Complete Training and Continuing Education Solution for Corporate Tax & Accounting Professionals
The hours you invest annually in continuing education should yield the highest possible dividends for your personal skill set and for your business. Checkpoint Learning has designed a comprehensive training and continuing education package with the corporate tax and accounting professional—from staff accountant to controller or CFO—in mind.

Corporations struggle to grow their businesses and understand significant changes in tax and accounting legislation such as revenue recognition and accounting for leases. The Checkpoint Learning Corporate Advancement Package will help accounting and tax professionals understand complex issues, stay abreast of news and updates, and remain compliant with any continuing education requirements across state and specialty accreditation jurisdictions.

The Checkpoint Learning Corporate Advancement Package features include:

Your subscription offers immediate access to self-study courses online so you can learn any time it’s convenient for you.

  • 119 courses relevant to corporate tax and accounting professionals included; view complete course list here (PDF)
  • Interactive online courses feature a user interface with easy, intuitive navigation, and many courses include video and other media-rich features

With convenient online webinars, you can participate in training from anywhere. Checkpoint Learning Webinars are live events taught by nationally recognized experts and include up-to-the minute coverage of hot topics.

  • 37 webinar titles pertinent to corporate professionals are included; view complete webinar list here (PDF)
  • Each month's schedule will include an Accounting Alert, Monthly Tax Alert, Monthly Corporate Tax Update, and a Quarterly SEC and PCAOB Update with additional titles scheduled on a rotating basis



We make it easy to track your learning events and credits as you go with online CPE tracking and compliance monitoring for every state board of accountancy requirement and more than 20 professional designations.
You’ll get:

  • Automated CPE tracking and compliance monitoring
  • CPE certificate storage
  • Monthly email notification of CPE status
  • Personalized learning dashboard
$299 per user, per year. Pricing applies to firms with under 25 seats; contact us for price quote if your firm has more than 25 users.

For more information or to purchase the Checkpoint Learning Corporate Advancement Package for multiple users, please contact your sales representative or call 1-800-231-1860.

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