Checkpoint Learning Registration

By registering your account, all of your previous CPE information from Reqwired, MicroMash, PASS Online, and/or Online Grading can be easily moved to the new Checkpoint Learning platform.

Please follow the directions below closely to ensure that the migration of your CPE information is as smooth as possible. If you have questions, please call 800.431.9025.

Before you register:

  • Complete all CPE courses Read More

    Complete all previously purchased and/or unfinished courses and exams on MicroMash, PASS Online, and/or Online Grading. (Courses or exams that are either in-progress or have been purchased but not yet begun will not be moved to the Checkpoint Learning platform. If left incomplete or not started, these courses will not be transferred and will have to be repurchased in the new Checkpoint Learning platform.)

  • Print existing course certificates Read More

    Print any certificates previously awarded to you through MicroMash, PASS Online and/or Online Grading.

  • Log off all Thomson Reuters CPE applications Read More

    You must be logged off of all Thomson Reuters CPE applications, including MicroMash, Online Grading and/or PASS Online.

What you’ll need during registration:

  • Existing login information Read More

    All login information (username and password) for MicroMash, PASS Online, Reqwired, and/or Online Grading. If you have forgotten your username or password on any platform, click here. Login information for brands listed below will be needed.

    • Reqwired
    • MicroMash
    • MicroMash Plus
    • MicroMash Plus Standalone (Direct Access to Combination of MicroMash and PASS Online Products.)
    • MicroMash Plus via Checkpoint
    • MicroMash Plus Unlimited (Subscription to all MicroMash Products)
    • PASS Online
      • Credit Hours Purchased in Advance
      • Specific Courses Purchased in Advance
    • Online Grading
  • Membership numbers for compliance training, where applicable Read More

    Such as:

    • CTEC
    • Certified Financial Planner
Additional Information About Checkpoint Learning Registration Read More

The registration process will take approximately five minutes.

In order to avoid duplicate accounts and the potential confusion or loss of CPE information, we recommend that you not create a personal account in Checkpoint Learning if you are currently employed by a firm who uses Reqwired. The most effective and efficient method of registration is to have a single account through your firm that will provide a consolidated view of your CPE information.