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Checkpoint Learning Subscription Packages

"I really like my Checkpoint Learning subscription! Checkpoint Learning lets me know conveniently in one place how close I am to meeting my CPE requirements for multiple licenses. There is a great variety of course topics, delivery methods and hours offered per course. Video and audio clips, diagrams and questions reinforce learning. The annual subscription price is very affordable and the quality of the courses is very high."
—James O. (Joe) Bailey, CPA, EA

"Thank you for recommending the Checkpoint Learning Premier CPE Package. I have been using it frequently the last two months. I am very pleased to discover the courses are meaningful and useful. The “self-study” courses are very substantial, and the “live webinar” courses are very enjoyable and loaded with content. I appreciate not having to travel (in or out of town) spending extra money and time."
—Ian H. Edwards

"Just wanted to comment on how much I am enjoying the Premier Package for my CPE needs. This is the best deal ever! I encourage anyone who is interested in learning and earning CPE credits to check out this great deal. I've learned so much from the Webinars and have done some of the self-study courses as well."
—Jan Perritt

"The Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Learning product won me over because of its cost efficiency, the good variety of courses, the concise answers to Estate and Trust situations, and Checkpoint Learning allows me to use my time more efficiently."
—John McPhee

"I have started using Checkpoint Learning...The courses are convenient to me and attractively priced, and I like the integration between the courses and the reporting."
—S. Hardister

"Being in public accounting, it is difficult to find the time to attend many live seminars, therefore I use self-study formats whenever possible. Checkpoint Learning by far is the best. I no longer have to track what courses I have taken and when I took them. It is all done for me through Checkpoint Learning. If I need to access my course completion certificates, all I need to is sign onto my online account and there it is under the Activity History tab. Convenient and easy to use."
—Teresa Kerbe

"We've been pleased with the Reqwired product from Thomson Reuters. It's always been very user-friendly and the customer service has been great. The upgrade to the new Checkpoint Learning system is even better. They took all the advice from their customers to make it a better product, and continue to find new ways to improve the system. Our firm has 5 offices with 140 professionals. We use Checkpoint Learning for setting up all internal trainings and provide our professionals' access to quality, on-demand courses. As the Training Coordinator for our firm, Checkpoint Learning makes my job much easier. I have a list of things I like about the new Checkpoint Learning system, but my favorite has to be the attachment feature for external certificates. This has helped us to become more organized while saving time (and expense) by keeping all CPE history in one location. The staff at Thomson Reuters keeps up-to-date on all State rules and regulations so you don't have to, and you can always get in touch with someone one when you have questions. By far, the best customer service I've experienced with any vendor."
—Tamara Carr-Granstrom

"I really like the online learning from PPC. The online grading is a very handy and easy system for picking up additional CPE hours."
—Jim L Neuman 



"Excellent presentation, excellent choice of topics"
—Tim Baker

"Clear, practical and useful presentation—thank you"
—Cynthia Brown

"Excellent! Clear, informed, informal, realistic, experienced—thank you!"
—Diane Green

"The speaker did a wonderful job; I really enjoyed his enthusiasm. They hit the high points very well."
—James McDermott

"This gentleman was fantastic! Passionate, extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, humorous, actually made accounting sound interesting!"
—Leslie Haughey

"Both speakers were very effective, and had a great sense of humor which made the class go by fairly quickly. Appreciated the insights from speakers' professional experiences."
—Shelah Aczon

"Both speakers were very effective, knowledgeable, and personable. Contemporary information very useful to my practice. Lots of notes to follow-up with clients."
—Richard Gorden

"The speakers did a very good job of displaying their knowledge about the subjects. They made it interesting with real-life examples. The slide show was very helpful."
—Ashley Reagan

"I liked how they shared experiences/client stories. They were relevant & helped 'translate' into practical application of laws."
—Christopher Cuadros

"The speakers were excellent. I really appreciated their client tips."
—Bruce Crist

Gear Up

"I’ve been a CPA for over 20 years, and I like Gear Up Seminars because I can count on the information being current and keeping me updated on tax changes."
—John Coffey, CPA

"Gear Up locations are terrific! I’ve been an accountant for 39 years, and I really like being able to plan vacation time around completing my CPE."
—William Berry

"I just passed my triannual peer review by the MACPA & AICPA Peer Review Program. It was done with the Gear Up Accounting seminars and manuals being a key reference source. It gives me such comfort to pull out the Gear Up Accounting manual, review the professional standards/requirements and deliver a quality product at a very reasonable price to my clients."
—Donald H. Olson

"This year is actually the 25th consecutive year (going back to the days when the courses went under the name “Nuts & Bolts”) that our Firm has used the Gear Up self-study courses. Gear Up self-study manuals are always well-written; are excellent reference tools; and the testing is both fair and easy to follow. The Firm uses Gear Up for our annual tax season preparation as well as training for new employees."
—David Frederick

"The Gear Up 1040 manual is a great reference tool to use during tax season, when I don't have the time to spend looking and reading about technical items. It is very practical, easy to read, and flows with the tax return. The manual does a great job of making it easier to interpret issues so I can make a timely decision and also advise clients on questions they might have. I also appreciate being able to show clients the charts that are included; the charts are excellent to look at as they clarify the more technical tax issues.
Plus, I like the fact that the manual expands on many practical issues such as Social Security and retirement. These are areas that I get questions from clients all the time, and the manual is a great reference source to find these answers. Lots of your competitors' manuals don't address some of these much-needed topics in too great of detail."
—Quinn Smith, CPA

"I can easily say the Gear Up 1040 seminar was the best of its kind I've attended, and I've attended many. The instructors were very knowledgeable and experienced and gave real-world examples from their many years in practice. There was an emphasis on tax-planning and the text for the course was so good I referred to it all tax season. I highly recommend this seminar to other tax professionals."
—Robert Rich, EA

"I love Gear Up seminars...You provide the best manuals out there and (speaker) Abe Carnow is the bomb!"
—Lisa Malone 


"It was one of the best trainings that I have ever attended! I felt that I learned so much and could really relate to the topics and discussions."
—H. Lesperance

"Thomson Reuters always sends great instructors and they do a wonderful job of keeping everyone involved and the material engaging."
—P. Matzek

"Excellent materials, instructor was very good as a teacher as well as a communicator. Best training I've ever been to."
—L. Henry

"The instructor was great. He involved the group in discussion, kept us interested in what we were doing, and allowed the course to go the direction we as the class wanted it to go."
—T. Lyons

"Loved the course! It was very interactive."
—N. Kelley

"Best training experience I have ever had."
—J. Emerson

"100% better than our previous audit levels courses with another firm."
—K. Boozer

"The instructor was very passionate and knowledgeable about the information being presented. He appropriately adjusted his teaching technique to best fit the needs of his audience."
—S. Larson

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and brought in real-world examples from his experiences."
—R. Boyd

"Excellent course, excellent instructor, good group participation and exercises."
—Courtney H.

"Very helpful course. Provided a great deal of information and reference materials."
—T. Moeller

"The instructor’s teaching style was very good and helped me retain the information being presented. The group interaction component of the course was very helpful in fully comprehending the material."
—J. Johnson

"I liked all of the group activities we did; I think hearing others’ experiences and ideas was useful and it gave me a lot of new insight."
—A. Melens

"I thought the instructor was very good at identifying the areas that the participants would like to focus on and needed improvement on. I thought the material was perfect for the our current positions at our firms."
—Ryan T.

"I really thought it was helpful to have the instructor’s real-world experience as something he could draw comparisons to."
—G. Newfield

"I thought the course provided an opportunity for staff that are used to taking orders, to provide new ideas about how to handle adversity or client engagements"
—N. Holmes

"I learned a lot and it was very interactive. We were given real-life situations and were able to show how the things we were learning could be applied."
—K. Hembel

"The instructor did an exceptional job in our class. He engaged us well and kept things interesting. He seemed very knowledgeable in the field of auditing and I felt like I learned a lot in the program."
—K. Clayton

"I was extremely happy about the course provided. The instructor made things relevant and interesting. Training was tough to get through sometimes, but this was one of the few training sessions I enjoyed and looked forward to attending, thanks to the instructor."
—Megan Martz

"This training was my favorite AuditWatch training so far. I think the content was appropriate for the supervisor/manager level. The topics that were covered (leadership, business development, negotiation, engagement economics, time management, career development, presentation skills) were very relevant topics for our roles."
—Michelle Gibson

"I believe the instructor did a phenomenal job of incorporating real-world experience into the classroom"
—A. Roderick

"Great preparation for beginning in-charges. Class environment was designed well to encourage participation."
—P. Willis

"This class was the best, most useful, and most practical CPE I've ever had."
—AuditWatch University Attendee

"Probably the most interesting and attention-holding class I've been to in my 11-year career. The instructor did a fabulous job."
—AuditWatch University Attendee

"I thought the program content was incredibly relevant and one of the best trainings I have received. I found it very applicable to the issues I face as not only an auditor, but as one who supervises staff on an almost daily basis."
—AuditWatch University Attendee

"Thank You! The AuditWatch material is so beneficial and I found the instructor's previous experience in the field of audit so valuable to the course. It's great to have instructors that are passionate about what they are doing for the industry."
—Tom Gawlik

"Thank you for the information and for being a great teacher! I really enjoyed AuditWatch this year and last year and I know everyone else in the class did as well. We have learned so much—AuditWatch certainly knows what information is relevant to us and teaches it in a way that makes sense, and so that we can retain it!"
—Michelle Smith

"Thanks again for a great course — we already have our troops out using IDEA today! Everyone thought the course was one of the best the firm had ever hosted. Highly practical and very well presented. You have made a large impact on our professional practice and we appreciate it!"
—Tony Miscavige