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What Is Blockchain  

CATEGORY: Technology
  Nano Learning
0.2 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Blockchain is a growing list of records called blocks. The digital ledgers involved are distributed and form the underpinning technology for bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies, but what is blockchain and why do so many think it will be so widely disruptive to the business world.

Checkpoint Learning is committed to bringing innovative solutions to you, now including nano-learning! As per NASBA Standards, a nano-learning course is a 10-minute, electronic, self-study course in which you are eligible to earn 1/5 (or 0.2) CPE credits.

At this time, nano-learning is not accepted by all state boards. If you are not sure whether your state board accepts nano-learning, you can ask your state board or visit the NASBA registry: (

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