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Virtual Currency as an Economic Exchange of the Future  

CATEGORY: Specialized Knowledge & Applications
Online & Mobile, Download
3 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

What is used for buying, selling and investing and is untraceable, anonymous and technologically confusing? The answer uses different terms, but mean basically the same thing: cryptocurrency, virtual currency, digital currency, cryptocoin. All describe a relatively new medium of economic exchange used for buying, selling, exchanging and investing. Bitcoin is, by far, the most popular and accepted form of virtual currency. While some view these types of funds as an advanced form of monetary exchange, others see this wave as a technologically confusing method for scammers to drain money from unsuspecting victims. There is some truth to this as hackers have proven successful in draining certain markets and with the anonymity feature of virtual currency, prosecution and recovery is almost impossible. Regulators like the IRS struggle to keep up with issuing guidance to prevent taxpayer fraud. Still, the number of different types of virtual currency explodes. Bitcoin still leads the parade, but there are many others gaining popularity.

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