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Utilization and Performance of Health Care Accounting and Auditing  

CATEGORY: Specialized Knowledge & Applications
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4 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

As health care costs in the U.S. continue their upward spiral, many experts believe that we are not getting an adequate return on investment for the health care services being provided. Ongoing medical record reviews provide documentation of the existence of troubling patient safety concerns. This program will focus on a number of important topics, including: the hospital supply chain; Medicare payment concerns; patient throughput; and legal and compliance issues, as well as explain the importance of performance-based health care and the premise behind the pay-for-performance movement. It also provides explanation and analysis of how the 2010 health care reform legislation will impact health care delivery and financing in the coming years.

Beginning in 2017, the new administration is planning on proposing changes to the PPACA. The current legislation remains in place until any revisions are implemented.

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