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Understanding EQ and IQ for Success  

CATEGORY: Personal Development
  Online & Mobile
1 CPE Credits
Level: Overview

Learn the difference between Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and why both are needed for success. This course will cover the general measurement tools used to test both IQ and EQ and how you can leverage your strengths and work on any weaknesses. Intelligence is certainly a key factor in success but so is an individual's ability to interact with others which is an element of emotional intelligence. This course presents the components of emotional intelligence which can theoretically be measured in terms of an emotional quotient (EQ). As a comparison, an individual's intelligence quotient is outlined in a discussion of two popular IQ tests. This course provides a general review of emotional intelligence and IQ from a broad perspective. This course is appropriate for the professional at any organizational level.

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