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Trends in Performance Management  

CATEGORY: Personal Development
  Online & Mobile
2 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Is a formal performance evaluation just a bad HR hoax that labels you as average? Moreover, if that isn't frustrating enough to Type-A over-achiever CPAs, does the average label mean that the cost of living outpaces your raise? Does preparing your annual goals, and then updating your results for your annual review spike your blood pressure? Do you have to have to set it aside so that you can stay upbeat and motivated? There's a reason you picked this course. You want to explore other options and lead your company to a better solution (or at least present a mindful suggestion). We will start with a look at the history of the traditional annual performance review process, issues attributed to it, as well as hear from its defenders. Then we will explore the trends that are changing the performance evaluations.

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