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Technology 4.0: Understanding the Future of Technology - 2018 Self Study  

CATEGORY: Technology
Print Based
8 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Where does a practitioner go to understand the complexities of dealing with technology in their practice? We will study the real-world issues of dealing with the adaption of technology to solve practice challenges.

•Is it time to take my practice into the cloud or is it just another thunderstorm?

•The mobility of data access and the handheld computer: smartphones, tablets, and notebooks

•Advances in the world of manipulating documents and workpapers in the modern accounting and tax practice

•Work smarter, not harder! Great utility software that can make life easier in the office

•Security, remote access, and backing up data: How to properly set up and maintain your systems

•Floware: Managing daily office activities from your computer with little or no paper

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