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TaxWatch University - Level 4 (In-House Seminar)  

CATEGORY: Ethics, Management, Personal Development, Taxation
In-House Seminar
24 CPE Credits

This program is designed to advance a tax professional into more complex taxation issues. The program includes sessions on tax planning and saving strategies related to individuals and corporations. It also provides additional training on technical tax issues mainly related to pass-through entities and more advanced corporate and individual issues.


PARTNERSHIPS AND OTHER ENTITIES- Formation and basis considerations; guaranteed payments; basis, including Sec. 754 election; special allocations, elections, and distributions; LLC members and self-employment tax; business succession; termination or liquidations, buy-sell agreements; new centralized partnership audit regime rules.

CORPORATE STRUCTURES- Selecting accounting methods and tax year, including impact of small business accounting method rules of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; formation of entity; stock incentives; personal service corporations and personal holding companies; accumulated earnings, excessive passive income, and AMT taxes; built in gains tax; qualified subchapter S corporation subsidiaries; buying/selling a business; installment sales; liquidations; fringe benefit, stock option, and retirement plans; Nexus; key business provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

INDIVIDUAL- Capital gains planning (including 3;8% net investment income tax); rental and passive activities; self-employment tax; alternative minimum tax; individual and self-employed person’s retirement accounts; debt discharge (COD); beneficiary designations; divorce; education planning; decedent’s final return; key individual provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

OTHER TAX PLANNING TOPICS- Choice of business entity considerations; lifetime giving strategies and charitable giving; consideration of trusts (basics); estate planning (basics).

PROJECT MANAGEMENT- Five common phases of project management; steps within each phase of project management; actions and strategies for effectively managing projects.

LEADERSHIP AND SUPERVISION- Leadership styles; motivation; feedback; delegation; on-the-job learning; ethics.


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