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Sketchnoting - Visual Notes for Effective Meetings and Training Sessions  

CATEGORY: Personal Development
  Online & Mobile
1 CPE Credits
Level: Overview

This fun and simple course explains the concept and techniques of sketchnoting as a method of taking notes. Techniques in this course are based on studies that prove that learners improve memory and recall by combining verbal and nonverbal information with images. Sketchnoting is as simple as doodling and does not require artistic skills. The professional who attends meetings, training sessions, conferences or reads professional literature can benefit from learning how to sketchnote. The tools needed are readily available and the techniques employed are as basic as being able to draw a square, triangle, rectangle, lines and dots. No longer must legal pads be filled with paragraphs and lists as take-aways from speaker presentations. Slide decks of presentations filled with information that is not applicable are unnecessary. Keeping it simple, learning to listen effectively to pick out just the important information is a skill that can be mastered and applied making sketchnoting a great alternative to other forms of recording presentation information and being able to recall and share key topics. This basic level course is most beneficial to professionals new to creatively taking notes who may be at the staff or entry level in organization but also for a seasoned professional with limited exposure to this topic.

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