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Recent Trends in U.S. International Taxation  

CATEGORY: Taxation
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5 CPE Credits

International Tax has always presented challenges due to its technical complexity. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) further added to those challenges. This program provides an overview of the main international tax provisions contained within the TCJA. Tax practitioners will benefit from the discussion of all these provisions, including the corporate tax deduction for foreign source dividends, the tax on global intangible low-taxed income, the deduction for foreign derived intangible income and the tax on base erosion payments, i.e., the BEAT. There is also a discussion of the long-standing international provisions that were modified, such as the number of foreign tax credit baskets, the changes to the definition of U.S. shareholder and its impact on controlled foreign corporations. In making the transition in international tax from a credit based system to a participation exemption, the transition tax affecting deferred foreign income is also discussed. Seasoned international tax practitioners as well as those practitioners with a need-to-know international tax, will find this course useful as well as interesting.

This course is most appropriate for the professional with detailed knowledge in international tax who may be at a mid-level position within an organization with operational or supervisory responsibilities, or both.

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