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Microsoft Excel 2007: Moving, Copying and Filling Cells with Lots of Tips and Tricks  

CATEGORY: Technology
Online & Mobile, Download
3 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Microsoft Excel 2007: Moving, Copying, and Filling Cells With Lots of Tips and Tricks is a one-lesson basic level course that guides you through moving and copying worksheet data and formulas using command buttons and the mouse pointer using step-by-step hands-on activities. The Excel 2007 Office Fluent user interface is very different from the Excel 2003 (and earlier Excel versions) user interface. Therefore, you must use Excel 2007 to complete this course. Although this is a basic level course, experienced Excel users switching to Excel 2007 will also benefit from this course, which can help them become more familiar with the new Excel 2007 Office Fluent user interface.

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