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Keeping Emails, Texts, and Tweets Professional   Updated

CATEGORY: Management
  Online & Mobile
2 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Have you ever sent an e-mail in haste and then regretted it after getting responses asking for clarity? Do you know the law related to sending commercial email? Has a blog or post on a social media site left you cringing because what you meant wasn't what the reader understood? In business, communication is critical. Most communication is sent and received in short bytes whether in writing, e-mail or on some form of social or professional media network platform. Writing effectively for these platforms requires the skill to fully grasp being concise and understanding the habits and needs of the reader. This course presents some suggestions for writing strong short business communications, how to engage the reader, writing with impact and the value of proofreading before sending an electronic message or posting to a social media web site. This course is most beneficial to professionals new to business communication who may be at the staff or entry level in organization but also for a seasoned professional with limited exposure to different platforms for effective professional communication.

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