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Introverts and Extroverts at Work  

CATEGORY: Personal Development
  Online & Mobile
2 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Introverts and extroverts are very different. Knowing what personality traits you have and which traits belong to your coworkers can go a long way toward a productive work environment. This course will discuss the attributes of introverts and extroverts, demonstrate how to recognize the differences between the two, identify tips and techniques introverts and extroverts can use to improve their communication with each other, illustrate issues that introverts and extroverts may face related to meetings and other types of office communication, and identify strategies introverts and extroverts can use to resolve office conflict and management issues. Another personality type is the ambivert, which is described and defined in this course. This course will benefit not only professionals new to managing people at the staff or entry level of organization but also seasoned professionals with limited exposure to management techniques.

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