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Influencing People in Organizations - The Leadership Imperative Overview and Basic Concepts  

CATEGORY: Personal Development
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6 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

This course provides the foundation materials upon which leadership depends. It starts with an overview of the importance of interpersonal skills to leadership and moves to Sternberg's three types of cognitive functioning and the importance of each to effective leadership. It examines problem solving, problem finding, and opportunity finding as these are related to the three types of cognitive functioning. It explores effective uses of power in organizations. The heart of this course is the focus on the psychological and process motivational concepts and the identification of spontaneous and reflective behaviors. It specifically deals with the three sets of influences on these two types of behavior and what leaders can do to better influence others. Content motivational concepts are examined for their historical connection to the more powerful psychological concepts. The difficulty of effective perception and communication, including the importance of listening to leaders is examined.

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