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Individual Income Tax - Taxes, Credits, and Penalties  

CATEGORY: Taxation
Online & Mobile, Download
9 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Taxpayers have the opportunity for significant savings if they take advantage of any tax credits for which they qualify; and they can avoid penalties if they timely calculate and pay their income tax liability. This course highlights many common tax credits such as the dependent care credit, the child tax credit, and education credits, and then analyzes the taxpayers who qualify for these credits. The course discusses other taxes, such as self-employment tax, to which a taxpayer may be subject, and where there are exceptions to the rules. The course also provides the relevant tax rates, income thresholds, and phaseout ranges that apply. Finally, it provides examples of how these credits, taxes, and payments are calculated by illustrating cases on the proper tax forms and schedules.

NOTE: This course has been updated for the relevant 2017 provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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