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Helping Clients Though Challenging Times - 2021 (Live Online Seminar)   New

CATEGORY: Specialized Knowledge & Applications
  Live Online Seminar
8 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Session Description - COVID-19 is not the first and it certainly will not be the last crisis. Eventually, the pandemic will release its grip but not before giving birth to a new normal in which some businesses will prosper while others will falter. Everyone will be looking for sound advice to face their new reality. Never has the need or opportunity been greater for those willing to become the true business advisor. As with any crisis, there is great opportunity for those that take the time to find it. While a good accountant cannot predict the future, they can help anyone to plan for it. The current year has brought with it an unprecedented shutdown of economic activity that has put many enterprises on the edge of financial collapse, exposing the owners to the loss of many years of hard-earned savings. This course will examine methods to restructure debt or discharge debt when necessary to salvage the entrepreneur. With debt modification comes tax consequences that the owners must consider during the process, we will examine the right and the wrong way during these events.

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