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Getting Auditors In and Out Efficiently   Updated

CATEGORY: Accounting & Auditing
  Online & Mobile
1 CPE Credits
Level: Update

Lee Ann Watters discusses strategies a client can use to help their auditor get in and out faster. She will begin by discussing the planning portion of the audit, which will involve alerting the auditor to any new, significant transactions, such as debt acquisition or extinguishment, any major asset acquisitions or disposals, or any contingencies they may be dealing with. Lee Ann also discusses the importance of properly scheduling key employee time around the auditor's field visit. Key employees should not be on PTO or away at training during the auditor's fieldwork, as they must be present and available to tend to auditor requests and questions. Lee Ann will also examine the client assistance list, and how it benefits the efficiency of both the client and the auditor to have this completed before the auditor arrives on-site.

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