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Form 1065 - Partner's Capital Accounts and Share of Income or Loss   Updated

CATEGORY: Taxation
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2 CPE Credits

Most practitioners deal with Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income, on a regular basis. This program takes a look at the analysis of partners' capital accounts, including Item L on Schedule K-1, Schedule M-2, book versus tax capital accounts, partner allocations, how to account for changes in a partner's interest in the partnership, partner and partnership reporting requirements, consolidated audit proceedings, the at-risk and passive activity rules, the IRC Sec. 179 deduction, the rules under IRC Sec. 707(a) and (b) that limit the losses between related partner and nonpartner transactions, partnership allocations, the various partnership allocation tests that must be met in order for a partnership allocation to be respected, gain/loss and income chargebacks, minimum gain chargeback, and the safe harbor rules for allocation of nonrecourse deductions.

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