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Employing Members of the Largest Generation  

CATEGORY: Management
  Online & Mobile
3 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, which means accounting offices need to recruit, engage, and retain this generation to succeed. This course looks at the unique attributes of Millennials and how businesses can leverage those preferences to their advantage. Topics include the Millennial point of view, Millennials at work, finding Millennial job candidates, what Millennials look for in an employer, ways to keep Millennials engaged, and how businesses can improve their physical office space to be more appealing to this generation.

This course has been updated to address how the importance of Millennials has changed as they have aged and become the largest generation in the workforce and in the United States. While no longer the new kids on the block, their importance to employers has only grown. The section on other generations in the workforce has been expanded to include information about the upcoming Generation Z. Additional material was added about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on hiring and retention.

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