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Companion to PPC's Guide to HUD Audits - Course 3 - Compliance Auditing (HUDTG173)  

CATEGORY: Accounting & Auditing
Print-Based with OG
8 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

This interactive self-study course takes a look at compliance auditing for HUD entities. Lesson 1 discusses the HUD Audit Guide and other applicable authoritative literature; the current compliance environment; responsibility for laws, regulations, and other matters; and identification of compliance requirements. Lesson 2 examines the consideration of internal control over compliance, auditing compliance with compliance requirements, and specific compliance requirements that apply to for-profit HUD-assisted projects. Finally, Lesson 3 discusses summarizing and evaluating the results of compliance tests, reporting on compliance, reporting on questioned costs, reporting on fraud or equity skimming, audit sampling in tests of internal control over compliance, audit sampling in substantive tests of compliance with laws and regulations, and special considerations in audits of nonprofit HUD-assisted entities.

Course Expiration Date: November 30, 2018

Please note, the grading fee for answer sheets submitted by regular mail is $99.

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