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Companion to PPC's Guide to Audits of Employee Benefit Plans - Course 2 - Background Information and Special Auditing Considerations for Employee Benefit Plans (EBPTG192)  

CATEGORY: Accounting & Auditing
Print-Based with OG
8 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

This course examines topics related to audits of employee benefit plans. Lesson 1 takes a look at employee benefit plans in general, covering topics such as the different types of plans available and different arrangements and requirements for such plans. This lesson allows the user to become fully versed in the background information of employee benefit plans before looking at more specific auditing issues. Lesson 2 takes a more specialized look at special auditing considerations that apply to employee benefit plans. It does not focus on general procedures followed during an audit engagement, but instead it examines auditing considerations related to contributions received and receivable, investments, benefit obligations and other issues specifically related to employee benefit plans.

Course Expiration Date: April 30, 2020

Please note, the grading fee for answer sheets submitted by regular mail is $105.

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