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C Corporations - Dividends-Received Deduction and NOLs   Updated

CATEGORY: Taxation
  Online & Mobile
1 CPE Credits

This course presents an in-depth review of the dividends-received deduction and tax treatment for net operating losses. This intermediate level course is most appropriate for the professional with detailed knowledge in C corporation taxation or the professional seeking to expand their knowledge base and may be at a mid-level position within an organization with operational or supervisory responsibilities, or both. Scenarios presented in the text, study questions, and final exam questions require calculation and application of the complex rules. This course is updated to reflect the application of the 80% modified taxable income limitation with regards to the carryforward of net operating losses generated after December 31, 2017, and utilized in tax years after December 31, 2020. With the exception of farming losses and losses recognized by certain insurance companies, net operating losses arising in tax years beginning after December 31, 2020, can no longer be carried back and may be carried forward indefinitely, subject to the 80% modified taxable income limitation in the year utilized.

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