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AuditWatch University – Level 6 Developing the Executive Within (In-House Seminar)  

CATEGORY: Management, Personal Development
In-House Seminar
16 CPE Credits
Level: Advanced

This course develops individuals who consistently interact and manage at the executive level. By learning and applying a variety of methods, participants enhance their effectiveness as emerging executives. Participants also explore how to increase their technical and managerial contributions to their firm through higher level performance. By analyzing the concept of executive presence, participants discover why it is such a critical component of business success and career advancement.


Using Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Success – 2 Credits (Personal Development). Recognize the main components of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Practice EI fundamentals through a series of interactive discussions and exercises after an in-depth self-assessment. Explain how EI is applied to enhance work relationships, performance and productivity.

The Multi-Generational Workplace – 2 Credits (Personal Development). Understand the generations that make up the current workforce. Explore key differences, characteristics and behaviours of each generation. Learn techniques and strategies for effective interactions with multi-generational teams in the public accounting environment.

Performance and Talent Management – 2 Credits (Personnel / Human Resources). Identify and explore the dynamics of performance and talent management in the public accounting industry. Explain how to identify and develop talent in individuals to maximize their performance and professional growth. Gain insight on best practices to develop and retain staff.

Developing Executive Presence – 4 Credits (Personal Development). Identify the elements of Executive Presence. Identify the behaviours necessary to maximize interaction and communication at the executive level. Apply techniques learned to develop and deliver a brief, engaging executive-level presentation.

Building New Business – 4 Credits (Communications and Marketing). Explore important concepts related to developing new business. Apply structured techniques to plan for and develop business growth. Practice the art of gaining new business through a series of interactive skill building activities.

Introduction and Summary: Best Practices – 2 Credits (Personal Development). Identify and explore the fundamentals of Executive Presence. List opportunities for professional growth discovered in the course. Explain how skills learned will be applied when you return to your firm.


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