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AuditWatch University – Level 4.5 Beyond In-Charge – Taking the Next Step (In-House Seminar)  

CATEGORY: Accounting & Auditing, Management, Personal Development
In-House Seminar
24 CPE Credits

This course prepares experienced auditors to take the next step in their development as engagement and firm leaders. Building on the concepts introduced in Level 4: Experienced In-Charge Training, the course challenges auditors to champion the audit process by developing efficient audit plans, managing the audit process, working with clients and dealing with complex accounting and audit issues. Course material also addresses key issues in performing review and compilation engagements, using special purpose frameworks, and recognizing advanced financial reporting and auditing issues.  MAJOR TOPICS:
  • Audit Efficiency Best Practices (6 Credits Auditing)
  • Recognizing Financial Reporting, Auditing & Accounting Issues (1 Credit Auditing and 1 Accounting)
  • Attest Services for Smaller Entities (1 Credit Auditing)
  • Advanced Topics in Audit Sampling (2.5 Credits Auditing)
  • Group Audits (1 Credit Auditing)
  • Project Management Tools for Auditors (3 Credits Auditing and 3 Personal Development)
  • Introduction to Presentations (2 Credits Communications and Marketing)
  • General Audit and Completion Procedures (2.5 Credits Auditing)
  • Introduction and Summary: Best Practices (1 Credit Auditing)
COURSE LENGTH: Three Days To learn more please call 800-775-9866.

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