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Advanced Fraud Techniques  

CATEGORY: Accounting & Auditing
    Online & Mobile, Download
6 CPE Credits
Level: Advanced

Fraud affects more than organizations. Identity theft and the Internet have brought fraud right into our homes and can affect every part of our lives. Do we possess the right tools to adequately prevent, detect in short protect ourselves from becoming victims of fraudulent activities? This program will explore this interesting aspect of fraud. It will give an overview of fraud, concentrating on fraud prevention and detection procedures that will help both the small businesses and publicly held companies. This program will cover the characteristics of fraud, proactive approaches to detecting fraud, and methods of fraud investigations. It will explain how the Internet has expanded the reach of fraud, as well as how it can hamper criminal convictions regarding fraud activities.

This course focuses on the development of in-depth knowledge, skill, and application of fraud detection. A mastery of fraud detection and/or experience as a seasoned professional or professional with specialized knowledge in this subject.

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