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1040NR Nonresident Alien  

CATEGORY: Taxation
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2 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

This course describes the taxation and basic concepts of United States nonresident alien individuals and how that taxation differs from that of a resident alien. The course covers the IRS form 1040NR requirements. The form 1040NR is the United States income tax form completed by or on behalf of nonresident aliens. The course covers the tests used to determine the important classification as to whether an alien is a nonresident or resident alien. These two tests to determine alien status are commonly referred to as the green card test and the substantial presence test. The course also covers withholding requirements on payments made to nonresident aliens and other taxes, special rules, and exclusions for nonresident aliens. This basic level course is most beneficial to professionals new to taxation of the nonresident alien who may be at the staff or entry level in organization but also for a seasoned professional with limited exposure to this topic.

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