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101 Financial Solutions - Diagnosis and Remedy  

CATEGORY: Accounting & Auditing
Online & Mobile, Download
8 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

A manager's success depends largely on his or her ability to manage a company's assets. This mission is complicated by the interdependent nature of a company's finances. One short-term financial problem, such as a cash flow shortage, can cause a longer-term credit problem, such as denials for bank loans. The successful manager must be able to quickly identify and resolve such short-term problems in order to prevent their long-term deleterious effects. This course is intended for effective business managers and entrepreneurs. Covering every facet of the daily management of a business' finances, it is designed to help managers pinpoint, remedy, and prevent business and financial problems. In each case, it also points out potential ripple effects-the ways in which a problem in one sector can disrupt operations in other areas.

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