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Assisting Small Business from A to Z New!
8 CPE credits | 1 Day | Taxes | Multiple Dates/Locations
This course will cover the taxation, form of legal entity, capitalization, and other considerations necessary to advise small business clients. With the U.S. economy in deep recession and the eventual anemic economic growth that is expected to last for years, it's predicted that more small businesses will fail at record numbers and new small business start-ups will accelerate at a record pace. The simple truth is that large U.S. companies are not hiring and the outsourcing trend to foreign countries will continue. The growth driver in the U.S. for the past several years, the small business, will continue to need expert advice now more than ever. It's time for you to hear and understand how to get your share of this business!


Gear Up Workshops
Small Business Survival Workshop New!
8 CPE credits | 1 Day | Accounting | Update| Multiple Dates/Locations
Operating a small business in a down economy is a daunting task. Ensure that you or your client’s small business survives a bad economy. This course will teach you how to be sure that your business not only survives but prospers, even in difficult times.


PASS Online
Getting Cash Out of Your Business
15 CPE credits | Taxes | Overview
This course examines the various ideas, methods and techniques capable of optimizing the overall compensation package for key employees and principals in small to medium sized businesses. Qualified and nonqualified deferred compensation, benefit targeting, insurance programs, statutory fringe benefits, interest free loans, and investment planning are investigated. Effective pay plans essential to attract, motivate, and retain key people are described and evaluated. Consideration is given to indirect compensation in the form of business entertainment, expense accounts, auto use, travel, and transportation. Equity participation is explored through stock sales, repurchase agreements, incentive stock options, ESOTs, stock options, and bonuses. The new field of professional services is probed to provide tax, financial and estate planning to the key executive.

Small Business Taxation
13 CPE credits | Taxes | Basic
This course gives the practitioner a detailed look at tax issues that affect the most popular type of business in the United States - the small business. The course begins by providing an overview of the many entity options available to small businesses today, from the traditional sole proprietorship to the C corporation. The course then provides detailed discussion on important issues such as filing and paying business taxes, accounting periods and methods, and general business tax credits. A detailed discussion is provided on the types of expenses that can be deducted by a business, as well as an important chapter on maintaining business records. This course is essential for any practitioner advising small business clients, whether they are a sole proprietor, a partnership, limited liability company or a corporation.


Small Business Schedule C and F Expenses
10 CPE credits | Taxes | Basic
Are you overlooking important issues when it comes to tax returns for sole proprietors and farmers? This course explores Form 1040, Schedule C (for sole proprietors) and Schedule F (for farmers). The course provides insight into depreciation and Section 179 expenses that can be deducted for sole proprietors and farmers, and reviews agricultural revenue sources and operating expenses. It examines the costs that must be capitalized and those that can be deducted immediately. It also provides instruction on calculating the proper personal and business deductions for home offices and motor vehicles. Employee benefits, wages, and payroll taxes are covered as well as travel and entertainment expenses and their related restrictions and reporting requirements. In addition, this course provides an introduction to retirement plans, including individual retirement accounts (IRAs), simplified employer pension (SEP) plans, salary reduction SEP (SARSEP) plans, and qualified plans.

Purchasing and Selling a Business
8 CPE credits | Taxes | Intermediate
Learn the considerations for both the buyers and sellers of businesses. This course helps in the planning of the sale with the regulatory issues and tax effects for unincorporated businesses and corporations.



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