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If you're looking for blended learning formats that will also help you meet your mandatory CPE requirements, the Checkpoint Learning Premier CPE Package offers a wide range of learning opportunities at a significant savings.

The Premier CPE package provides firms and individual practitioners with a full range of self-directed learning formats. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of more than 650 online and downloadable self-study courses with timely, high quality content covering the topics that matter most to you.

Online and Downloadable Courses
Get immediate access to more than 650 online and downloadable self-study courses (totaling 3,350+ CPE credits!). Our online courses feature a user interface with easy, intuitive navigation and other media-rich features.
Webinars make it possible to participate in training from any location, and Premier subscribers get unlimited access to all one to four-hour webinars (approximately 30 events each month), taught by nationally recognized experts.**
Seminar and Conference Discounts
Save on instructor-led seminars and conferences, including a 40% discount on Gear Up seminars and conferences and a 25% discount on AuditWatch and TaxWatch public seminars.***
Virtual Conference Discounts
Attend any Checkpoint Learning virtual conference for only $199 — a 45% savings from the retail cost!
CPE Tracking
Track CPE as you go with our automated online CPE tracking and compliance monitoring for every state board of accountancy requirement and more than 20 professional designations, including IRS EA and CTEC. A personalized learning dashboard, CPE certificate storage and monthly email notifications are included with your CPE status.
“I really like my Checkpoint Learning subscription! Checkpoint Learning lets me know conveniently in one place how close I am to meeting my CPE requirements for multiple licenses. There is a great variety of course topics, delivery methods and hours offered per course. Video and audio clips, diagrams and questions reinforce learning. The annual subscription price is very affordable and the quality of the courses is very high.”
— James O. (Joe) Bailey, CPA, EA

For more information or to purchase the Premier CPE Package for multiple users, please call 800.231.1860.

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* Pricing applies to firms with under 50 seats; contact us for a price quote if your firm has more than 50 users.

** Eight-hour webinar events not included, but special full-day webinar discounts are available for Premier subscribers. Call 800.231.1860 for details.

*** Live event discount does not combine with Early Bird or other discount offers. States with Thomson Reuters-sponsored Gear Up seminars currently include CA, CO, FL, IL, IN, MA, MD, MO, NV, NM, NY, OK, OR, VT and VA. Discount does not apply to Gear Up seminars hosted by state societies (which manage their own pricing and registration).


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For print and electronic subscriptions, the term will be as stipulated in your initial agreement and will thereafter renew automatically for subsequent terms of one (1) year each, unless either party gives the other party prior written notice of termination before the end of the then-current term. Once the renewal term has commenced, it is non-cancellable. Your subscription renewals and revised editions will be invoiced to you based on the price in effect at the time of shipment, plus shipping and handling.
Delivery of print and CD products shall have occurred when TRTA has delivered the product to a common carrier, FCA TRTA shipping facility.


Take advantage of a selection of webinars and courses, access to a number of discounted seminar and conference events, CPE tracking and compliance monitoring and more for a total annual price of just $319 per user*.

*Pricing applies to firms with under 50 seats; contact us for price quote if your firm has more than 50 users.
For more information or to purchase the Premier CPE Package for multiple users, please call 800.231.1860.
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