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Welcome Corporate Customers

We're excited to introduce the course titles, packages, and tools—including ONESOURCE integration—that make Checkpoint Learning the new one-stop-CPE-shop for Corporate professionals!


The continuing professional education needs of corporate CFOs, Controllers, and Accountants are not always the same as those of the Public Accountant, but continuing education and training is just as important to your success. The Checkpoint Learning Corporate Curriculum is designed to provide Corporate Accountants with courses that address their specific training and continuing professional education needs. From the CFO and Treasurer to the Accounting Manager and Staff Accountant, courses are available to help you do your job better.

Whether you need core training for your staff or just a refresher on a particular topic, Checkpoint Learning has you covered! With more than 120 course offerings covering 9 field of study areas and providing more than 500 hours of CPE credit, the new Checkpoint Learning Corporate Curriculum is your comprehensive online learning portal.

View the full list of courses that make up the Corporate Curriculum...


Or click here to save money with our Corporate Curriculum package!


Checkpoint Learning is now integrated with ONESOURCE®, allowing dual users to search for CPE courses, view their in-progress online courses, and view the status report manager showing their CPE compliance and status directly from the ONESOURCE dashboard! ONESOURCE users who do not yet subscribe to Checkpoint Learning can search from hundreds of online courses via the Course Finder tab, and find out more about the comprehensive compliance and learning management tools that make up Checkpoint Learning.

Screenshot: ONESOURCE Dashboard Select the gadgets you prefer, to purchase and return to online courses, and track your CPE, all from your ONESOURCE dashboard.


Ease compliance burdens, enhance productivity, aid professional development, and increase your expertise with ONESOURCE trusted corporate tax solutions that help make your business run smoothly, including: Workflow; Software; Services; Consulting; Data Management; and Research.

In an environment of constant change, Thomson Reuters' ability to recognize and quickly respond to changes in the tax industry enables you to navigate through increasingly complex regulations and codes. Our ONESOURCE solutions increase productivity, expand your access to tax knowledge, and give you complete control of your corporate tax department. Our continuous commitment to create problem solving solutions will change the way you do business in the future to ensure that you're prepared for any challenge. Our comprehensive solutions provide tools for every stage of your corporate tax responsibilities today and tomorrow.

ONESOURCE is a breakthrough, high-performance platform providing an integrated solution for corporations managing multiple tax types. From heightened visibility into key tax data, metrics, and workflow status to integrated products that increase control and efficiency of your daily activities, you'll have the solution to effectively manage your corporate tax department.


Customers of both systems will find links—on key topic pages within Checkpoint and inside of Checkpoint Learning online courses—that tie research material to courses by topic. Click to immediately view related research as you're engaged in learning— and easily earn CPE by jumping to relevant courses from your research on Checkpoint!

Screenshot: Checkpoint Interface Checkpoint provides a huge repository of reference documents, accessed directly or via links through courses.


Get straight to your point—Checkpoint®. For more than a decade, professionals have been turning to Checkpoint, the revolutionary, easily searchable online system, to get straight to their answer. No wading through endless entries of unrelated information—just the important results you need to know now. Call 800.950.1216 or visit to learn more.

Call 800.231.1860 to learn more or discuss a total training solution that fits your organization's needs.